We Create Value
& Build Confidence

Syncfo is the best choice for plantation farmers, specialty coffee trading companies, coffee roasters and coffee schools.

Welcome to Krator Technology Ltd, the innovative IT company behind the Syncfo® brand and its line up of products for the coffee industry. We pride ourselves on our continuous innovation,creating added value for our customers, and building confidence through our products.

At Krator Technology, we believe in strong research and development, which has allowed us to create coffee tools with an all-in-one mentality, eliminating the need for multiple tools in the coffee industry. By decreasing the number of tools needed, we are helping others reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a more environmentally friendly industry.

Our quality and unique industrial design ensures that our multi-usage products can help every sector of the coffee industry, from baristas to coffee shops, roasters, and beyond. We are dedicated to providing exceptional support and service to our customers, and we strive toexceed expectations every step of the way.

At Krator Technology, we are excited about the possibilities of the Syncfo® brand and what it can do for the coffee industry. We are proud to be an IT company that innovates for the coffee sector, and we look forward to continuing to create products that build confidence and create added value for our customers. Thank you for choosing Krator Technology and the Syncfo®brand.